One of Bakerview’s core values has and will always be to prioritize our community’s varied needs. We therefore offer a number of Specialty Properties to meet the necessities of Traditional Burials for our region’s cultures. Please contact us for further details or if your needs differ from what is described below and we would be happy to accommodate you.

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Traditional Islamic Burial

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Residents of Langley

“The most meaningful funerals and celebrations of life are designed with personal touches to honor the impact your loved one’s life had on family and friends.”

Feng shui at Bakerview Memorial

Feng shui has played a key role in the master planning at Bakerview Memorial. Backed by mountains and flanked by hills, Bakerview offers a naturally protective space, enhanced by natural running water nearby and vibrant landscaping. Landscaping is selected to attract birds and wildlife.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is a method of environmental design to help determine the best places to live, work and prosper. Originating in ancient China, feng shui is based on the idea that there is energy in all things and was initially used by farmers to place farmland and homes for optimal weather exposure and protection. It has been used for thousands of years, and many people—even those without a Chinese or Buddhist background—believe in some of the components of feng shui.

Cemeteries were among the first to apply feng shui design elements. A cemetery should have positive natural energy, including sunlight, water features and vivid plant life. Natural landscape features such as mountains surrounding a cemetery offer protection to loved ones, and elegantly constructed garden walls are both beautiful and further enclose and protect family spaces. Stable terrain and rich soil help ensure final resting places remain undisturbed, and marked pathways help to honor those who came before us.

Feng shui is used not only in optimizing cemetery design, but also in determining optimal location, orientation, and design of gravesites, and best time, date, and place of burial. Adhering to feng shui principles can help surviving family members feel at ease knowing that their relatives are resting peacefully.

Traditional Islamic Burial at Bakerview Memorial

Muslims believe in an afterlife and that once an individual’s soul is freed from the physical body, they await a reckoning where they can account for their actions in this life. As part of this belief, Muslim funerals and burials are usually held as soon as possible after death to free the soul from the body.

Adhering to Muslim beliefs Bakerview has dedicated lawn plots mapped accordingly towards Mecca the Muslim direction of prayer.

Muslim graves typically feature only a flat marker with Arabic writing. Monuments, elaborate markers, and flowers are discouraged. Instead, one should humbly remember Allah and pray for the deceased.

At the graveside service, the first Surah from the Quran is read, followed by the prayers of those present. Then, three handfuls of earth are thrown by the attendees.

Christian Burial at Bakerview Memorial

Christians who belong to a variety of denominations believe in an afterlife in heaven with God. While beliefs and interpretations of the Bible vary between churches, the rituals surrounding death and funeral services are similar. The services pray for the deceased and encourage, console, and support the family and mourners.

Christian burials often have an additional prayer or gathering at the burial site, also known as a graveside service. This is when the body is placed in the grave (or interred) and those gathered can say their final goodbyes and well wishes to the deceased. The family may request their Pastor, Priest, or Celebrant to lead the service in final prayers. It is not uncommon for people to be able to place a flower on the casket or to place a small amount of dirt onto the casket during this time.

Residents of the Township of Langley

Bakerview Memorial has the commitment to ensure that Langley residents will always have a place for their loved ones. Priority will be given to Residents of the Township of Langley in the event two or more burials are requested for the same date and time. Ten percent (10%) of all inground urn and casket burial graves will be reserved for Residents of the Township of Langley.

Residents of the Township of Langley” means any individuals that were living in the Township of Langley at the time of their death or had previously lived in the Township of Langley at some time in their life for a consecutive period of at least 3 years (with verification of such as acceptable to the Manager).

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