Questions About Bakerview Memorial Cemetery?

Questions About Bakerview Memorial Cemetery?2023-03-29T09:07:48-07:00

Bakerview Memorial Cemetery is Metro Vancouver’s newest cemetery. It officially opened with its first burial in 2022. The cemetery is in Langley, BC near the Aldergrove town centre, and will be servicing full body burials and the interment of cremated remains for both the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver Region. Surrounded by trees and set amongst the Coastal Mountains, Bakerview provides a peaceful setting for the cemetery.

When can I visit my loved one?2023-03-24T07:46:34-07:00

Visiting your loved one is available from dawn to dusk.

Are there annual maintenance fees?2022-11-09T09:46:00-08:00

No. Provincial legislation requires that a fixed portion of the price of a grave, crypt, or niche be placed into a special care and maintenance fund. The income from this fund is used to maintain the cemetery grounds and mausoleum buildings. Contributions to the care and maintenance fund are also made for all monuments and grave markers installed in the cemetery.

Do I need to purchase a grave liner?2022-11-09T09:47:05-08:00

Grave liners are mandatory as it is part of our covenant agreement with the Township of Langley. Using a grave liner creates a secure surrounding for the casket, with little chance of the grave settling or sinking over the years. It also allows the cemetery to utilize the land to its fullest capacity and place two caskets in one grave.

Can cremated remains be buried in an existing family grave?2022-11-09T09:47:20-08:00

Yes, providing the person who holds the rights to the grave or crypt gives permission. In cases where the interment rights holders are deceased, authorization from all immediate heirs will be required. A fee for our staff to prepare the appropriate documentation is applicable.

Do you allow the scattering of cremated remains?2024-01-25T06:00:09-08:00

Not at this time. We might change our policy in the future, but currently we do not have a dedicated space to do this.

When can wreaths be left at a grave?2022-11-09T09:47:55-08:00

Winter wreaths on stands are permitted on graves between November 1 and April 1. Families must pick up their wreaths before April 1, or they will be removed and discarded by the cemetery.

How do I find my relative’s grave?2023-03-24T07:50:41-07:00

Please contact the cemetery office by telephone at 604 856 0330 or by email. To assist us in searching for your relative, please provide their full name and the approximate date of death or burial.

Does the cemetery operate a funeral home?2022-11-09T09:48:28-08:00

No. At the time of death, the disposition of human remains is handled in two phases. The transfer of the remains, legal documentation, and memorial or funeral service arrangements are coordinated through a local funeral service provider. The cemetery then assumes the responsibility for coordinating the “final” disposition of the remains whether traditional casket burial, mausoleum casket entombment, or cremated remains inurnment. The cemetery enjoys a professional working relationship with Greater Vancouver’s local funeral service providers and memorial societies.

Does the cemetery have a pre-arrangement plan?2023-01-04T11:03:03-08:00

Yes. Cemetery plots and memorials can be purchased in advance of a need. No additional fees will be charged for those items at the time of use.

How are fees established for lots and services at the cemetery?2022-11-09T09:49:03-08:00

Fees charged for lots and services are subject to annual review and approval by the Provincial Registrar of Cemeteries. The fees, as approved by the Registrar, are established to ensure full and adequate funding of current maintenance and operational expenses, future development, and “perpetual” maintenance requirements.

Who runs Bakerview Memorial Cemetery?2022-12-23T14:55:15-08:00

Bakerview Memorial Cemetery Ltd. Is owned by three principals, who enjoy creating unique opportunities for their community.

Will you bury on a Saturday?2023-03-29T09:08:57-07:00

Yes. The operation of the cemetery is Monday to Friday, Saturday burials are available. An increased opening and closing fee will apply.

Is it the responsibility of Bakerview to open and close the grave?2022-12-23T14:55:49-08:00

Yes. The prep of the grave, placement of lowering devices and slabs, and the filling of dirt are the responsibility of Bakerview Memorial Cemetery.

Can I put a grave on hold?2022-12-23T14:56:04-08:00

Yes. We will hold a grave or niche for 10 days, you have up until then the opportunity to finalize a contract agreement. After 10 days the grave or niche will be released.

Whom do you consider to be a resident of the Township of Langley?2022-12-23T16:12:37-08:00

Any individuals that were living in the Township of Langley at the time of their death or had previously lived in the Township of Langley at some time in their life for a consecutive period of at least 3 years (with verification of such as acceptable to the Manager).

Is there a dedicated cemetery for residents of the City of Langley?2022-12-23T14:56:47-08:00

Yes. Bakerview Memorial Cemetery is for both residents of the Township of Langley and Langley City.

Is the dedicated section for Muslims for all the communities of the Islamic faith?2022-12-23T14:57:01-08:00

Yes. This is a dedicated space for Muslims only.

Is the dedicated space for the “Sunni” Muslims or whole the Muslim Community?2022-12-23T14:57:15-08:00

We are open to all Muslim communities. Most of our burials and sales have been to the Sunni community; the Shia community has been pre-planning with the Heritage Gardens in South Surrey. All Muslim communities are welcome.

Does the cemetery provide any services for retrieving the body from the hospital?2022-12-23T14:57:28-08:00

No. This would be arranged through a funeral home or with BCMA (BC Muslim Association)

Does Bakerview have a place to wash and prepare the body?2022-12-23T14:57:42-08:00

No. We do not provide funeral services or facilities for washing and preparing the body. A funeral home will accommodate you; they would charge their standard service.

Is Bakerview Memorial Cemetery in a flood zone area?2022-12-23T14:57:56-08:00

No. It is not in a flood zone.

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The first two phases of the cemetery are open and will provide for a variety of traditional burial and cremation burial options, including double depth burial plots, space for inground cremated remains, columbariums, indoor glass front niches, outdoor granite niches and family estates.

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