Why Choose a Permanent Resting Place for Cremated Remains?

Support the Grieving Process

Having a specific, dedicated and serene location where loved ones are laid to rest gives family members a tangible place to visit, reflect, and mourn.

Creates a Family Legacy

A cemetery provides a permanent home for the deceased, which can be visited by current and future generations. This sense of permanence helps families feel that the memory of their loved one is preserved and respected, contributing to a lasting legacy.

Avoids Legal & Ethical Issues with Ash Scattering

Scattering ashes may result in legal and environmental complications, particularly in protected areas. Choosing a cemetery burial ensures compliance with laws and provides a permanent place that avoids these issues

Avoids Costs to Descendants

Without a permanent resting place, descendants will need to store more and more urns at home. After 1-2 generations this will become unmanageable, increase the risk of breakage, and become cost prohibitive to move all remains to a cemetery

Bakerview’s Affordability

Bakerview’s affordability is second to none. Leading independent cemeteries have a starting price that is far beyond our most expensive options, and we are the only cemetery to offer financing for cremated remains. We encourage you to look around and verify for yourself.

What does Bakerview Offer?

Affordable Financing Solutions

Bakerview Memorial makes dignified memorials accessible to everyone, offering various cost-effective options and financing plans. Our solutions respect all economic backgrounds, ensuring no family is excluded from commemorating their loved ones properly.

Flexible Memorial Options

We cater to individual family needs with a range of options from traditional burials to columbarium niches, and allow for half natural setting scatterings and half placement/burials.

Personalized Memorialization Options

Bakerview encourages personalized tributes through diverse memorialization options, from columbarium niches to custom monuments and peaceful memorial gardens. Each choice is designed to reflect the unique life it commemorates, providing comfort and solace to families.

Pre-Planning Advantages

Bakerview alleviates the stress of last-minute decisions and financial concerns. By arranging cremation burials in advance, families can lock in costs and ensure that all aspects of the memorial respect the wishes of the deceased, offering peace of mind and emotional relief.

“Thank you all for helping us through the burial process for my father. We had no idea where to begin and you all walked us through each part. We appreciate the compassion, kindness and support shown to us at this difficult time.”

Sadio Family

“Bakerview has provided excellent service regarding planning for my mom who has passed and my elderly dad who is still living. The staff is very knowledgeable and listens to your needs. I would recommend Bakerview.”

Petrie Family

“I cannot express my feelings that I experienced coming to Bakerview. Absolutely amazing setup beautiful landscape and amazing staff.”

S. Khan

Nice new cemetery. The plans they have for it are absolutely stunning! Can’t wait to return to wander when it’s complete.

R. Nii

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