When a loved one passes away, fulfilling their final wishes can be one of the most significant ways to honour their memory. Many individuals express the desire to have their ashes divided, allowing part of them to rest in a natural setting, while another portion is preserved at a traditional memorial site like ours. This approach not only respects the deceased’s wishes but also provides multiple comforting spaces for family and friends to visit and remember.

Deciding how to manage cremated remains can be a sensitive topic, yet it’s an essential consideration for ensuring that all aspects of a last will are respectfully met. In our experience, this process involves understanding the available options, respecting the emotional aspects connected with various places of remembrance, and handling the logistical details that such choices entail. In this article, we explore how families navigating these decisions can achieve a balance between fulfilling their loved one’s desires and meeting practical needs. Through this, we hope to provide the guidance needed to make informed and honourable choices that comfort and commemorate a cherished one.

Understanding the Options for Dividing Cremated Remains

When considering how to divide cremated remains, families have various options to ensure that their loved one’s wishes are honoured while also creating meaningful spots for remembrance. One common choice is the partitioning of ashes between a permanent marker at a cemetery and scattering some in a significant natural setting. This approach allows for both a fixed place for reflection and the beauty of a more natural goodbye.

Firstly, it’s essential to determine the amount of ashes that will be allocated to each memorial type. We provide containers specifically designed for splitting ashes in dignified, respectful ways, ensuring that the division process is handled professionally. It’s also crucial to consider the form of memorial you desire at the cemetery—be it a niche in a columbarium or a traditional burial plot. Each option offers a unique way to respect and remember the person you have lost.

Honouring Wishes: Scattering and Permanent Memorialization

To truly honour a loved one’s wishes, mixing scattering with permanent memorialisation often meets various family members’ needs for mourning and remembering. Scattering ashes can be a profound way to say goodbye, allowing the physical essence of the deceased to meld with nature, whether at a beloved park, forest, or lake. However, ensuring some remains are kept at a permanent location, like our cemetery, provides a consistent place to come and pay respects, regardless of the time of year or weather conditions.

When planning for both scattering and permanent memorialisation, respect and sensitivity are paramount. We assist families in obtaining the necessary permissions for scattering and advise on respectful ways to disperse ashes, considering both environmental and personal factors. Meanwhile, for those remains that are kept, we offer expert guidance on choosing the most suitable type of memorial that aligns with the family’s wishes and the personality of the departed. This thoughtful approach allows for a tribute that is both heartfelt and lasting.

Navigating Family Decisions and Legalities

Making decisions on how to handle a loved one’s cremated remains often involves input from several family members, each possibly having unique perspectives and emotional needs. It’s crucial for families to discuss openly and reach a consensus that respects the deceased’s wishes while accommodating the needs of each family member. We guide families through these dialogues, helping to balance varying desires with sensitivity and care.

Beyond family agreements, certain legalities must also be considered when choosing to divide cremated remains. It’s important to understand local laws regarding scattering ashes, as these can vary widely from one place to another. For instance, scattering in some public parks or nature reserves may require permits or have specific rules. We ensure that families are well-informed of these legal requirements, helping to facilitate a process that is both lawful and meaningful, avoiding any potential legal issues down the line.

Maintaining Connections with Multiple Memorials

Once a family decides to create multiple memorials by dividing a loved one’s remains, maintaining these various sites becomes an essential part of the remembrance. Regular visits to both scatter sites and permanent memorials can help keep the connection to the loved one alive and can be very therapeutic for grieving family members. We offer ongoing support for families to help manage these memorials effectively.

Additionally, we recommend engaging in memorial rituals that can be implemented at each location. These might include annual remembrance ceremonies, personalised decorations during special holidays, or even quiet moments of reflection. Such practices ensure that each memorial site remains a relevant and cherished space for family members, providing solace and a physical place to honour the cherished memories of their loved ones.

In Conclusion

Honouring the diverse wishes of both the departed and their families requires thoughtful consideration and meaningful actions. At Bakerview Memorial Cemetery, we dedicate ourselves to helping families navigate these tender decisions. Whether it’s choosing between scattering ashes in nature or establishing a permanent memorial within our grounds, we stand ready to provide compassionate guidance every step of the way.

If you are facing these decisions and need support, our team is here to help you honour your loved one in the most respectful and loving manner. Contact us today so we can assist you in creating a lasting tribute that truly reflects your loved one’s spirit and legacy through our burial and cremation services in Vancouver.


Published: May 19, 2024

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