Edward Lawrence Rehn, fondly known as ‘Radio Brian’ to those in Aldergrove, was a man whose spirit and story became synonymous with the heart of our community. Remembered for his unwavering smile and love for ’60s music, Brian was a true neighbourhood icon. As we prepare to lay him to rest at Bakerview Memorial Cemetery, we reflect on his extraordinary life and the community’s embrace of his unique presence.

Brian’s journey through Aldergrove was marked by his unmistakable love for music, often seen with his radio, sharing tunes from Gary Puckett to Steppenwolf. His incredible memory and fast-paced storytelling captivated many, including long-time friend Dino Bonetti of Bonetti Meats, who recalls Brian as a ‘gentle soul.’ Despite life’s challenges, including a tough childhood and later health issues, Brian’s optimistic spirit never wavered.

Bonetti, among others, was instrumental in ensuring Brian’s place here at Bakerview, a gesture that speaks volumes about the bonds within our Aldergrove community. At Bakerview, we’re more than a cemetery; we’re a place where stories like Brian’s are cherished and honoured.

To know more about Brian’s story and how he touched our local community please read more here.

As Bakerview Memorial Cemetery opens its gates for Brian, we’re reminded of our commitment to serve the communities of the Lower Mainland. Brian’s life story, intertwined with the streets of Aldergrove, his resilient spirit, and the music that fuelled his soul, will now have a lasting home with us. His memory stands as a testament to the enduring strength and character of our community. It’s a privilege to provide a dedicated space for such a beloved local icon.”

If you wish to pay your respects please get in touch with our staff members and we would be happy to show you were Brian has been laid to rest.

Published: January 16, 2024

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