In the realm of remembering and honouring the departed, there’s a myriad of terms that often get interchanged. However, each term – marker, memorial, and monument – has its unique meaning and purpose. In Metro Vancouver, where diverse cultural practices meet the Pacific’s rugged beauty, understanding these differences is essential. Furthermore, we’ll discuss why flat granite, despite its popularity, is not the optimal choice for long-lasting tributes.

Markers: Simple and Understated

What are Markers?
Markers are typically flat or slightly raised stone pieces placed at the head of a grave. They serve the practical purpose of marking where an individual is laid to rest.

Significance in Metro Vancouver
In the Pacific Northwest’s rain-soaked environment, markers provide a minimalistic yet functional tribute. They seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings, making them a favoured choice.

Memorials: Personal and Intimate Tributes

What are Memorials?
Memorials encompass a broader category. While they can be physical structures or markers, they also include services, events, or other tributes dedicated to a deceased’s memory. Trees planted in memory or benches with a commemorative plaque in a park are examples of memorials.

Significance in Metro Vancouver
With its lush landscapes and community parks, Metro Vancouver residents often choose memorials like commemorative benches or tree plantings as an eco-friendly and communal tribute to loved ones.

Monuments: Grand and Everlasting

What are Monuments?
Monuments are large, stand-alone structures, often elaborate, meant to commemorate a person or event. In the context of cemeteries, they’re typically more prominent gravestones with intricate designs, often marking family plots or significant figures.

Significance in Metro Vancouver
Given the region’s rich history, monuments in Metro Vancouver cemeteries often signify pioneers, community leaders, or significant events. Their prominence ensures they stand the test of time, reflecting the legacy left behind.

Digital Integrations: Modern and Interactive

What are Digital Integrations?
As technology advances, so do the ways we memorialize our loved ones. Digital integrations in cemeteries refer to incorporating technological elements into traditional memorials. One prevalent example is the addition of QR codes to headstones, which, when scanned, lead to a digital space containing the deceased’s life story, photographs, or even voice recordings.

Significance in Metro Vancouver
With Metro Vancouver being a hub of innovation and its residents embracing technology, digital integrations offer a unique way to connect generations. By scanning a simple QR code, younger generations can instantly access and connect with their family history, bridging the past and the present in a deeply personal way.

Why Not Flat Granite?

Granite, especially when used as a flat marker, has been popular due to its polished look. However, its flat orientation exposes it more directly to environmental elements. In a region like Metro Vancouver, with its heavy rainfall and occasional frost, flat granite surfaces can erode, crack, or become obscured over time. Choosing upright or slanted alternatives from durable materials ensures longevity and minimal maintenance.

In Closing

The choice between markers, memorials, and monuments is not just about aesthetics; it’s about the message and memory one wants to preserve. While markers and memorials offer subtlety and blend with Metro Vancouver’s natural backdrop, monuments make a grand statement of legacy and remembrance. No matter the choice, ensuring it withstands the elements – and the test of time – is paramount. Remember to consider both the emotional and practical aspects when deciding on the best way to honour a loved one. At Bakerview Memorial we understand these fine distinctions and have a dedicated and experienced staff to help you make the choice that is right for your loved ones.

Published: December 5, 2023

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